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Hindi: कीप / केप / किप


रखना (rakhana)( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : He keeps his books well arranged.
तबियत (tabiyat)( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : How are you keeping?
He is keeping well.
रख़ैल (raKhhail)( Noun )
English Usage : She was his keep.
निभाना (nibhaanaa)( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Keep appointment.
Keep treaty.
Keep bargain.
हिसाब रखना (hisaab rakhanaa)( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Keep a diary.
Keep accounts.
कैद (kaid)( Noun )
निर्वाह (nirvaah)( Noun )
English Usage : He has to earn his keep.
निर्वाह करना (nirvaah karanaa)( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : He earns enough to keep himself and his family.
रहना/ज़ारी रखना (rahana/Jari rakhana)( AuxuliaryVerb )
English Usage : When a child learns walking, he keeps walking.
You have to keep trying till you get solution for your problem.
देखरेख (dekharekh)( Noun )
English Usage : Children live in their parents keep.


KEEPS = रखता है (rakhata hai)( other )
KEEPER = रक्षक (rakShak)( Noun )
English Usage : am I my brothers keeper?
KEEPER = रक्षक रखवाली करने वाला (rakShak{rakhavaalee karane vaalaa})( Noun )
English Usage : Dogs are the best keepers of houses.
He is the keeper of lions at the zoo.

KEEP UP = सिखना (sikhana)( Verb )
English Usage : He could not keep up and dropped out of the race
KEEP ON = ज़ारी रहना रखना (Jaaree rahanaa[rakhanaa])( IntransitivePhrasalVerb )
English Usage : The rain kept on all night.
KEEPING = अधिकार (adhikaar)( Noun )
English Usage : He left the book in her keeping.
KEEP UP = ज़ारी रहना अच्छा मौसम (Jaaree rahanaa{achchhaa mausam})( PhrasalVerb )
English Usage : I hope the sunny weather keeps up.
KEEP ON = मकान रखना (makaan rakhanaa)( PhrasalVerb )
KEEP IN = रोककर रखना (rokakar rakhana)( PhrasalVerb )
English Usage : He could keep in his anger.
KEEP AT = लगे रहना (lage rahana)( TransitivePhrasalVerb )
English Usage : Keep at it, you are nearly finished.
KEEP ON = नौकरी में रखना (naukaree men rakhanaa)( IntransitivePhrasalVerb )
English Usage : I kept him on, even though his work was poor.
KEEP AT = लगाए रखना (lagaae rakhanaa)( TransitivePhrasalVerb )
KEEPING = सुरक्षा (surakSha)( Noun )
English Usage : his behavior was not in keeping with the occasion
KEEPING = सामंजस्य (saamanajasy)( Noun )
English Usage : His clothes were not in keeping with the occasion.
KEEP TO = रास्ते पर रहना रखना (raaste par rahanaa[rakhanaa])( PhrasalVerb )
English Usage : Keep to the trail, the land is marshy.
As she is old, she has to keep to the house.


Definition of Keep

  • the financial means whereby one lives; "each child was expected to pay for their keep"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he could no longer earn his own livelihood"
  • the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress
  • a cell in a jail or prison

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