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IPA: oʊvərHindi: ओवर / वर / ओवेर


पर (par)( Noun )
खतम (khatam)( Adverb )
English Usage : That is all over.
भर (bhar)( Noun )
वर्ष से ज्यादा (varSh se jyada)( Adverb )
English Usage : Children over fifteen need a full ticket on the journey.
तक (tak)( Adverb )
English Usage : He has gone over to France.
बचा हुआ (bacha huA)( Adverb )
English Usage : Is any food left over?
प्रसारित (prasarit)( Preposition )
English Usage : I heard it over the radio.
दरमियाँ (daramiyaN)( Preposition )
English Usage : We shall be at Madras over Christmas and the New year.
ऊपर (Upar)( Preposition )
English Usage : Keep it over the cupboard.
पे (pe)( Noun )
आरपार (Arapar)( Preferences )
English Usage : The overarching bridge connects two main points.
दूसरी ओर (dusari or)( Adverb )
English Usage : Turn the patient over carefully.
में (men)( Noun )
बाह्य (bahy)( Preferences )
English Usage : That is a warm overcoat.
बारबार (barabar)( Adverb )
English Usage : She has called up several times over.
ज्यादा (jyada)( Preferences )
English Usage : The overarching bridge connects two main points.
क्रिकेट की ओवर (krikeT ki ovar)( Noun )
English Usage : That was a wonderful over by Kapil Dev.
से ज्यादा (se jyada)( Preposition )
English Usage : Over 4 million copies of that book has been sold.
इस ओर से उस ओर तक (is or se us or tak)( Preposition )
English Usage : It is ompossible to build a bridge over Brahmaputra.
बीच (bich)( Preposition )
English Usage : Discuss it over the lunch.
कठिनाइयाँ से मुक्त (kaThinaiyaN se mukt)( Preposition )
English Usage : It will take her ages to get over the tragedy.
सुदूर (sudur)( Preposition )
English Usage : Snowfall is reported all over the country.
तेज़ आवाज़ (teJ AvaJ)( Preposition )
English Usage : Nothing could be heard over the traffic din.
नीचे गिरा हुआ (niche gira huA)( Adverb )
English Usage : Handle the rose carefully. Dont knock it over.


OVERT = खुल्लमखुल्ला (khullamakhulla) ( Adjective )
English Usage : an overt lie
OVERT = खुला/2.प्रत्यक्ष/प्रकट (khula/2.pratyakSh/prakaT) ( Adjective )
English Usage : Minister made an overt statement about the bud
OVER- = ऊपर- (Upar-) ( other )
OVERDO = अति करना (ati karana) ( Verb )
English Usage : He overdid it last night when he did 100 pushups
OVERDO = अति कर देना (ati kar dena) ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : If you try to overdo in your work you may become inefficient
OVERLY = बहुत ज़्यादा (bahut jayada) ( Adverb )
OVERDO = ज्यादा पका देना (jyada paka dena) ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : All the nutrients will be lost if you overdo the vegetables
OVERBY = अधिक से (adhik se) ( other )
OVERALL = सभी (sabhi) ( Noun )
OVERALL = समस्त (samast) ( Noun )
OVERLAP = एक ही समय होना (ek hi samay hona) ( IntransitiveVerb )
English Usage : His examinations overlapped with the interview

Definition of Over

  • (cricket) the period during which a given number of balls (6 in England but 8 in Australia) are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch
  • at or to a point across intervening space etc.; "come over and see us some time"; "over there"
  • throughout an area; "he is known the world over"


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