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अन्तर पर रखना बीच में स्थान छोडना MEANING - NEAR BY WORDS

अन्तर पर रखना बीच में स्थान छोडना    
अन्तर antar = DISPARITY ( Noun )
English usage : There is a big disparity the rich and the poor.
अन्तर antar = DISTINCTION ( Noun )
English usage : it has the distinction of being the cheapest restaurant in town
अन्तर antar = INTER ( Preferences )
English usage : The government has to interact with the people.
अन्तर antar = LEAD ( Noun )
English usage : His lead is now more than 10,000.
अन्तर antar = BREAK ( Noun )
English usage : He was up two breaks in the second set
अन्तर antar = DEVIATION ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : पार्टी के विचारकों ने उन पर अन्तर का आरोप लगाया।
English usage : Party ideologists accused her of deviation.
अन्तर antar = GAP ( Noun )
English usage : There is a wide gap between the haves and havenots.
अन्तरण antaraN = ALLOTMENT ( Noun )
English usage : the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives is based on the relative population of each state
अन्तरक antarak = SPACE BAR ( Noun )
English usage : In the type writer there is a space bar key to give spaces between the words.
अन्तरक antarak = SPACER ( Noun )
अन्तरीय antariy = PROMONTORY ( Noun )
English usage : My uncle got a land near the promonitory.
अन्तराल antaral = HIATUS ( Noun )
अन्तरंग antaranag = INTIMATE ( Noun )
English usage : Kalidasa,the poet and the dramatist was intimate with nature.
अन्तराल antaral = SPACE ( Noun )
English usage : they tested his ability to locate objects in space
अन्तरीप antarip = HEAD ( Noun )
English usage : he stuck his head out the window
अन्तरीप antarip = NESS ( noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : अन्तरीप एक मील दूर था लेकिन उनकी खुशी के उत्साह में वे समय से बेखबर थे|
English usage : the ness was a mile off, but in the excitement of their pleasure they were oblivious of time.
अन्तराल antaral = GAP ( Noun )
English usage : After a gap of 6years he returned to his native place.
अन्तरंग antaranag = FAMILIAR ( Noun )
अन्तराल antaral = INTERVAL ( Noun )
English usage : fragile items require separation and cushioning
अन्तराल antaral = INTERLUDE ( Noun )
English usage : There will now be a 1.minute interlude in the play.
अन्तराल antaral = PLAY ( Noun )
English usage : he wrote several plays but only one was produced on Broadway
अन्तराल antaral = INTERSPACE ( Noun )
अन्तरिम antarim = INTERIM RELIEF ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : मद्रास उच्च न्यायालय के मदुरै बेंच ने केंद्र सरकार को पीड़ितों के लिए अंतरिम राहत की घोषणा करने का निर्देश दिया।
English usage : The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court directed the Union government to announce interim relief for victims .
अन्तराल antaral = HEADROOM ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : ब्रिज के नीचे गाडी निकलने के लिए अधिक"headroom" नहीं है.
अन्तरजाल antarajal = INTERNET ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : अन्तरजाल
अन्तरदाह antaradah = HEARTBURN ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : तिष्यरक्षिता ने"heartburn"वश कुणाल की आँखे फुड़वा दी थी.
अन्तरदीप antaradip = AIT ( Noun )
अन्तरपणन antarapaNan = ARBITRAGED ( Verb )
अन्तरिक्ष antarikSh = SPACE ( Noun )
English usage : Niel Amstronge was the first person to go in to the space.
अन्तरिक्ष antarikSh = SKY ( Noun )
अन्तरिक्ष antarikSh = OUTER SPACE ( Noun )
English usage : He looks like a creature from the outer space.
अन्तर्जात antarjat = INNATE ( Adjective )
English usage : Ram had the innate qualities of being calm all the time.
अन्तर्जात antarjat = INBRED ( Adjective )
English usage : Culture is some times learned, but not inbred.
अन्तर करना antar karana = DRAW THE LINE ( Verb )
English usage : I draw the line when it comes to lending money to friends!
अन्तरात्मा antaratma = CONSCIENCE ( noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : वह अंतरात्मा की पीड़ा से पीड़ित था|
English usage : he was suffering a pang of conscience.
अन्तर्रोधन antarrodhan = INTERCEPTION ( Noun )
English usage : he resorted to the interception of his daughters letters
अन्तर्शिरा antarshira = INTRAVENOUS ( Adjective )
English usage : An intravenous injection is painful.
अन्तर्जलीय antarjaliy = SUBAQUA ( Adjective )
English usage : This is a subaqua species.
अन्तर्मूखी antarmukhi = INTERNAL ( Adjective )
English usage : internal organs
अन्तर्नगरी antarnagari = INTER CITY ( Adjective )
English usage : An inter-city train service helps the people to commute faster.
अन्तर्वलित antarvalit = INVOLVED ( Adjective )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : पुलिस का कहना है कि उनके क्रूजर में से एक दुर्घटना में अन्तर्वलित था।
English usage : Police say one of their cruisers was involved in a crash.
अन्तर्जलीय antarjaliy = UNDERWATER ( Adjective )
English usage : He is an underwater explorer.
अन्तर्ग्रह antargrah = INTERPLANETARY ( Adjective )
English usage : The movie on the interplanetary space mission was thrilling.
अन्तर्भेदन antarbhedan = INTERPENETRATION ( Noun )
English usage : Many leaders fought for the interpenetration.
अन्तर्निहित antarnihit = IMPLICIT ( Adjective )
English usage : I have implicit faith in your abilities.
अन्तर्निहित antarnihit = INHERENT ( Adjective )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : गायन और नृत्य ज्यादातर अंतर्निहित प्रतिभा हैं।
English usage : Singing and dancing are mostly inherent talents.
अन्तर्निहित antarnihit = BUILT IN ( Adjective )

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Meaning of अन्तर पर रखना बीच में स्थान छोडना (Antar par rakhana bich men sthan chhodana) in English, What is the meaning of Antar par rakhana bich men sthan chhodana in English Dictionary. Pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage and definition of अन्तर पर रखना बीच में स्थान छोडना . Antar par rakhana bich men sthan chhodana meaning, pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms in English. अन्तर पर रखना बीच में स्थान छोडना (Antar par rakhana bich men sthan chhodana) ka angrezi mein matalab arth aur proyog

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