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English Usage : He manipulates people with his sweet talk.
INSTALL ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Emperor Ashoka installed many stupas to spread Buddhism.
SLUT ( Noun )
DUMP ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : No dumping in these woods!
English Usage : Rita collected much sterling silver jewellery for her marriage.
HIATUS ( Noun )
English Usage : He was initiated in the ceremony.
English Usage : A sentry is putting the badge on the right sleeve.
VARY ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Prices of fruits vary from place to place
WELCOME ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : The manager welcomed the suggestion warmly. .
APPROACHABLE ( Adjective )
English Usage : He is an easily approachable person.
VIEW ( Noun )
English Usage : There is a wonderful view from the top of the hill
GLORY ( Noun )
English Usage : Natures glory is great.
MAD ( Adjective )
English Usage : The Principal was mad at the children for playing the practical joke on the new teaher.
TAB ( Noun )
English Usage : I have to pick up the tab.
RULE ( IntransitiveVerb )
English Usage : it was his rule to take a walk before breakfast
हिन्दी उदाहरण: "rule","VT","1.शासन~कर"
Akbar ruled India for many years.
She doesnt allow herself to be ruled by her emotions.
English Usage : The telephone is an annoying interruption.
INTELLIGENT ( Adjective )
English Usage : Computer is fed on an intelligent system.
SO ( Conjunction )
English Usage : So I have a couple of drinks on the way home.
So thats the end of this movie.
So there is no proof, we cant do anything.
ISOLATE ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Scientists have isolated the virus from the gene.
STRIKER ( Noun )
English Usage : Sachin is a good striker of the ball.
English Usage : People should solemnize happy moments of life.
MAKE UP ( Verb )
English Usage : Jealousy is not a part of his make up.
SHIT ( Noun )
English Usage : he took a shit
English Usage : Guest room was insulated during winter.
COLUMN ( Noun )
English Usage : The test tube held a column of white powder
TINT ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : He tinted his comments with sircasm .
STRIDENT ( Adjective )
English Usage : Government should avoid making laws which are strident.
SOUR ( Adjective )
English Usage : He was sour over the incident.
English Usage : The play will have an interlude with music .
SERVICE ( Verb )
English Usage : The power station is serviced by road transport.
PERCEPTIVE ( Adjective )
English Usage : It was very perceptive of yours to give that judgement.
English Usage : As he preached against the pope he was interdicted.
TERROR ( Noun )
English Usage : His neighbours are absolute terrors.
INHOSPITABLE ( Adjective )
English Usage : The vagabond saw a barren and inhospitable place.
STRING ( Verb )
English Usage : Fibers strung together to form rope.
STITCH ( Noun )
English Usage : Excess running caused a stitch in my uncle.
DOWDY ( Adjective )
English Usage : He lay face down
The thief was hidden in the down staircase
The shades were down
VIXEN ( Noun )
English Usage : She is a vixen who is difficult to deal with
DULL ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Age had dulled the surface
WHISK ( Noun )
English Usage : It was a whisk of a horses tail.
TRICK ( Noun )
English Usage : The students played a trick on the teacher by giving proxie.
REPRESENT ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : The article represented the dictator as a benevolent despot.
VASSAL ( Noun )
English Usage : Surinam was a vassal of the Dutch


क्रमभंग करना kramabhanag karana = INTERRUPT ( TransitiveVerb )
English usage : Trade between the two countries was interrupted by constant war.

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Meaning of क्रमभंग (Kramabhanag) in English, What is the meaning of Kramabhanag in English Dictionary. Pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage and definition of क्रमभंग . Kramabhanag meaning, pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms in English. क्रमभंग (Kramabhanag) ka angrezi mein matalab arth aur proyog

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