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KEEN ( Noun )
English Usage : Dogs have a keen sense of smell.
AGILE ( Adjective )
English Usage : Rams mind is very agile.
BRIGHT ( Adjective )
English Usage : Some children are brighter in one subject than another
The bright sound of the trumpet section
QUICK ( Noun )
English Usage : He was quick to make friends
He has a quick mind.
She made a quick decision
SNAPPY ( Adjective )
English Usage : He is a snappy driver.
INCLEMENT ( Adjective )
English Usage : Its been rather inclement this week.
FLEET ( Noun )
English Usage : He has trained a fleet footed team for the forthcoming competition.
STRONG ( Adjective )
English Usage : Strong wind is blowing.


तेज़ी teJi = FLICK ( Verb )
English usage : He flicked through the applications received in response to the advertisement but could not find one suitable to companys requirement.
तेज़ गति teJ gati = SPURT ( Noun )
English usage : He make a spurt to catch the bus.
तेज़ चाल teJ chal = RACE ( Noun )
English usage : The race of time may leave you behind if you slumber.
तेज़ धावक teJ dhavak = SPRINTER ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : भारतीय धावक हिमा दास ने अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर एथलेटिक्स स्वर्ण जीतने वाली पहली भारतीय महिला बनकर गुरुवार को इतिहास बनाया।
English usage : Indian sprinter Hima Das created history on Thursday by becoming the first Indian woman to win an athletics gold on the international stage.
तेज़ धारा teJ dhara = TORRENT ( Noun )
English usage : The houses were swept away in the torrent.
तेज़ कड़वी teJ kaDDavi = STEWED ( Verb )
English usage : Last evening, I had an experience of stewed tea.
तेज़ आवाज़ teJ AvaJ = OVER ( Preposition )
English usage : Nothing could be heard over the traffic din.
तेज़ ध्वनि teJ dhvani = SONIC BOOM ( Noun )
English usage : Modern jets fly with a sonic boom.
तेज़ी से जाना teJi se jana = ZAP ( Verb )
English usage : He was zapped before his heart operation.
तेज़ी से चलना teJi se chalana = SPEED ( Verb )
English usage : Speeding fast at corners is very dangerous.
तेज़ी से चलना teJi se chalana = MARCH ( Verb )
English usage : To march like a soldier.
तेज़ लाल शराब teJ lal sharab = PORT ( Noun )
English usage : Sailors love to drink port.
तेज़ जानेवाला teJ janevala = RUN ( IntransitiveVerb )
English usage : Our countrys runaway inflation rate is going very high.
तेज़ी से गिरना teJi se girana = PLUMMET ( Verb )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : सी एस पी आई ने कहा कि सोडा कम्पनियाँ विकसित देशों में तेज़ी से गिरी बिक्री के बाद अब विकासशील देशों को लक्षित कर रहे हैं।
English usage : CSPI said that soda companies are now targeting developing nations after sales plummeted in developed countries.
तेज़ लाल रंग का teJ lal ranag ka = CRIMSON ( Noun )
English usage : He became crimson with fury.
तेज़ गति से चलाना teJ gati se chalana = SCARCH ( Verb )
English usage : Motor cyclists scarching down the road.
तेज़ रफ्तार से जाना teJ raphtar se jana = FLY ( Verb )
English usage : The bus was flying along the road at a very high speed.
He was hit by a stone which came flying at him.
The gate flew open when the car dashed against it.
Time flew so fast that holidays were over before he realised.
pages 453 and 454 of OALD
तेज़ रोशनी वाली लाइट teJ roshani vali laiT = FLOODLIGHT ( Noun )
English usage : Day and night cricket matches are played under flood-lights.
तेज़ रफ्तार से धड़कना teJ raphtar se dhaDDakana = FLUTTER ( Verb )
English usage : Due to excitement his heart was fluttering.
तेज़ गति करने वाला गियर teJ gati karane vala giyar = OVERDRIVE ( Noun )
English usage : The motorists was on the overdrive to reach the destination
तेज़ रफ्तार से चलने वाला teJ raphtar se chalane vala = FLYER ( Noun )
English usage : Cheetah is a great flyer when catching his kill.
तेज़ गाड़ियों के लिये सड़क teJ gaDDiyon ke liye saDDak = SPEEDWAY ( Noun )
English usage : Cars travel at an enormous speed on speedway."
तेज़ी से चलने वाला/द्रुतगामी teJi se chalane vala/drutagami = SPEEDY ( Adjective )
English usage : Tendulkar is one of most speedy batsmen in the world.
तेज़ी से दौड़ना/उड़ना/ब्ह्जाना teJi se dauDDana/uDDana/bhjana = SCUD ( Verb )
English usage : He scuded on the road and fell down.

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