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दिखावा, मुखौटा    
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = FLAUNT ( Verb )
English usage : He always flaunts his wealth to others.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = VANITY ( Noun )
English usage : he rejected the vanities of the world
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = DISPLAY ( Noun )
English usage : There was a display of firework on Republic Day.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = PRETENSE ( Noun )
English usage : his conformity was only pretending
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = GIMMICK ( Noun )
English usage : The show of sympathy by the minister is a publicity gimmick.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = IMPRESSION ( Noun )
English usage : his impression of her was favorable
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = MERETRICIOUS ( Adjective )
English usage : He claims that a lot of journalism is meretricious and superficial.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = SHOWCASE ( Noun )
English usage : This book fair is the showcase for the budding writers.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = SHOW ( Noun )
English usage : The sympathy given by the leaders to the injured was nothing but show.
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = EXPOSITION ( Noun )
English usage : we would have understood the play better if there had been some initial exposition of the background
दिखावा, मुखौटा dikhava, mukhauTa = GLOSSINESS ( noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : उसने ऐसा सिर्फ अपने मित्रों के सामने दिखावा करने के लिए किया|

HinKhoj Hindi English Dictionary: दिखावा, मुखौटा ( Dikhava, mukhauta )

Meaning of दिखावा, मुखौटा (Dikhava, mukhauta) in English, What is the meaning of Dikhava, mukhauta in English Dictionary. Pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage and definition of दिखावा, मुखौटा . Dikhava, mukhauta meaning, pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms in English. दिखावा, मुखौटा (Dikhava, mukhauta) ka angrezi mein matalab arth aur proyog

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