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TRIGGER ( TransitiveVerb )
हिन्दी उदाहरण: --"2.उत्तेजित~होना[करना]"
Violence triggered off after the function .
INSPIRE ( Verb )
English Usage : These paintings exalt the imagination
PROMPT ( Verb )
English Usage : The ban on taking alcohol was prompted by complaints of middle class women.
MOVE ( Verb )
English Usage : he didnt make a move to help
POWER ( Verb )
English Usage : the deterrent power of nuclear weapons
English Usage : galvanize steel
English Usage : The price hike of the onions precipitated the people to buy them at heavy price
IMPEL ( Verb )
English Usage : I was impelled to investigate the matter further.
English Usage : My teacher used to motivate me to acquire a good profession.
English Usage : used her parents influence to get the job
CARRY ( Verb )
English Usage : an interest in music
ACTUATE ( Verb )
BEND ( Verb )
English Usage : a bend in the road
SPUR ( Verb )
English Usage : cowboys know not to squat with their spurs on
PROPEL ( Verb )
English Usage : Steam propels this ship
हिन्दी उदाहरण: भाप इस जहाज को प्रेरित करती है
DRIVE ( Verb )
English Usage : A person driven by jeolousy is capable of doing any work.
INFORM ( Verb )
English Usage : I informed him of his rights
English Usage : Mendel cross-fertilized different kinds of beans
GET ( Verb )
GOAD ( TransitiveVerb )
English Usage : Vinoth keeps goading me to work hard.
URGE ( Verb )
English Usage : profound religious impulses
STING ( Verb )
English Usage : the sting of death
INCLINE ( Verb )
INDUCE ( Verb )
English Usage : Nothing on earth could induce Ravi to step down from his position.
English Usage : When Rahul stood first in his class,it stimulated him to work even harder.
PUSH ( Verb )
English Usage : he gave the door a hard push
CONDUCE ( verb )
English Usage : all the surroundings and employments of the pregnant woman should be such as conduce to cheerfulness and equanimity.
हिन्दी उदाहरण: सभी परिवेश और गर्भवती महिला के लिए रोजगार उत्साह और धैर्य के लिए प्रेरित करने जैसा होना चाहिए|
PUT ( Verb )
English Usage : He put the magazine aside and turned to speak to me.
PUTTO ( other )
PRESS ( Verb )
English Usage : he gave the button a press
PROD ( Verb )
CAUSE ( Verb )
English Usage : they are trying to determine the cause of the crash

HinKhoj Hindi English Dictionary: प्रेरित करना ( Prerit karana )

Meaning of प्रेरित करना (Prerit karana) in English, What is the meaning of Prerit karana in English Dictionary. Pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage and definition of प्रेरित करना . Prerit karana meaning, pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms in English. प्रेरित करना (Prerit karana) ka angrezi mein matalab arth aur proyog

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