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CALM ( Adjective )
English Usage : After the devastating cyclone in Orissa,the state is now calm.
STILL ( Adjective )
English Usage : The weather was absolutely still before the rain poured in.
EVEN ( Noun )
QUIET ( Adjective )
English Usage : He is leading a quiet life.
There were a quiet audience at the concert.
SOLEMN ( Adjective )
HALCYON ( Adjective )
हिन्दी उदाहरण: उसने अपना शेष जीवन"halcyon"ढंग से व्यतीत करने का प्रशासन को वचन दिया है.
SMOOTH ( Adjective )
English Usage : The receptionist was smooth.
DEMURE ( Adjective )
English Usage : After playing a role of demure wife in 'English Vinglish', Sridevi is all set to return with a thrilling film 'Mom'.
हिन्दी उदाहरण: 'इंग्लिश विंग्लिश' में शान्त पत्नी की भूमिका निभाने के बाद, श्रीदेवी एक रोमांचक फिल्म 'माँ' के साथ वापस आने के लिए तैयार हैं।
LONELY ( Adjective )
UNMOVED ( Adjective )
English Usage : always appeared completely unmoved and imperturbable
SOFT ( Adjective )
UNFLAPPABLE ( Adjective )
English Usage : Unflappable Ananya Vinay won 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee title on Thursday.
हिन्दी उदाहरण: शान्त अनन्या विनय ने गुरुवार को 90 वीं स्क्रिप्स नेशनल स्पेलिंग बी खिताब जीता।
SETTLED ( Adjective )
English Usage : Youll feel more settled when youve been here a few weeks.


शान्ति shanti = PEACE ( Noun )
English usage : the roommates lived in peace together
शान्ति shanti = HUSH ( Noun )
हिन्दी उदाहरण : ध्यान करने के लिए hush अनिवार्य है
English usage : the still of the night
शान्ति shanti = REST ( Noun )
English usage : took his repose by the swimming pool
शान्ति shanti = COOL ( Noun )
English usage : He kept him cool while everyone else panicked due to fire in the building.
शान्ति shanti = QUIETUDE ( Noun )
English usage : The quietude of the cathedral is quiet peaceful.
शान्ति shanti = COOLNESS ( Noun )
English usage : I appreciate your coolness under these circumstances.
शान्ति shanti = QUIETNESS ( Noun )
English usage : We like the quietness of the countryside.
शान्ति shanti = UNFLAPPABILITY ( Noun )
English usage : Sons failure to pass the exam put fathers unflappability to test.
शान्ति shanti = REPOSE ( Noun )
शान्ती से shanti se = CALMLY ( Adverb )
English usage : He did his work slowly and calmly.
शान्त रहो shant raho = SH ( Noun )
शान्ति से shanti se = COOLLY ( Adverb )
English usage : She coolly listened to my suggestions.
शान्तिकाल shantikal = PEACETIME ( Noun )
शान्त करना shant karana = ASSUAGE ( verb )
शान्त करना shant karana = APPEASE ( verb )
शान्त करना shant karana = ALLAY ( verb )
शान्ति देना shanti dena = AMUSE ( verb )
शान्त/गम्भीर shant/gambhir = SEDATE ( Verb )
English usage : She is a sedate old lady.

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