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Difference between Vague and Vogue

Vague (adjective)
1) not clearly expressed, known, described, or decided (अस्पष्ट)
The patient had complained of vague pains and backache.
The rules are vague and open to interpretation.

2) not clear in shape, or not clearly seen (धुंधला)
Through the mist I could just make out a vague figure.

3) A vague person is not able to think clearly, or gives an impression of not thinking clearly in order to hide their real thoughts (अस्थिर)
Our teacher is so vague and disorganized.
My aunt is incredibly vague - she can never remember where she puts things.

Vogue (noun)
1) a fashion or general liking, especially one that is temporary (फ़ैशन/ ढंग)
In the 1920s, short hair for women became the vogue.
"Community" is one of the vogue words of the new government.

2) the state of being popular or fashionable for a period of time (लोकप्रियता)
Bowling has come back in vogue.