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One word substitution (related to person)

A person who has an unselfish concern for the welfare of others - Altruist
A person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest - Cynic
A person who is wise, experienced, and knowledgeable - Sage
A person who hates or strongly dislikes women - Misogynist
A person, especially a child, with exceptional talents or abilities - Prodigy
A person who challenges established beliefs or institutions - Iconoclast
A person who is overly concerned with minor details or rules - Pedant
A person who values practicality over theoretical considerations - Pragmatist

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Parts of trees in English

Pith - फूलों के पौधों के डंठल के अंदर का मुलायम हिस्सा
Pollen - पराग
Pollen grain - परागकण
Pulp - गुदा
Root - जड़
Seed - बीज
Sepal - फूल की पंखुड़ी का भाग
Stem - डंठल
Thorn - कांटा
Bark - छाल
Birch - भोजपत्र
Branch - टहनी,डाल,शाखा
Bud - कली
Stamen – पुष्प-केसर

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Quote of the week

Life should be grand, not long.
ज़िंदगी लंबी नहीं बड़ी होनी चाहिए।

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Office related abbreviations

API: Application Programming Interface
EOD: End of day
EOM: End of message OR end of month
ETA: Estimated time of arrival
FTE: Full-time employee
IMO: In my opinion
Re: Referring to
WFH: Work from home
CPU: Cost per unit
ROI: Return on investment
B2B: Business to business
B2C: Business to consumer
CTA: Call to action
DM: Direct message or direct mail
KPI: Key performance indicator

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Department Titles abbreviations

CAO: Chief analytics officer
CDO: Chief data officer
CEO: Chief executive officer
CFO: Chief financial officer
CIO: Chief information officer
CMO: Chief marketing officer
COO: Chief operating officer
CTO: Chief technology officer
HR: Human resources
CSO: Chief security officer

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