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Daily used vocabulary in English

कच्चा भात - Undercooked rice
कच्चा आम - Raw mango
कच्चा मांस - Raw meat
कच्चा माल - Raw material
कच्ची उम्र - Tender age
कच्चा मकान - Mud built house
कच्ची सड़क - Unmettaled road
कच्चा तेल - Crude oil
कच्चा धागा - Loose spun thread

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Know the synonyms

Dangerous - Perilous, Hazardous, Risky, Uncertain
Dark - Shadowy, Unlit, Murky, Gloomy
Decide - Determine, Settle, Choose, Resolve
Definite - Certain, Sure, Positive, Determined
Delicious - Savory, Delectable, Appetizing, Luscious
Destroy - Ruin, Demolish, Raze, Slay

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Words used for different occupations

Alchemist: Medieval chemist who claimed to be able to turn base metals into gold
Cartographer: Map maker
Chiropodist: Treats diseases of the feet & hands
Dermatologist: A doctor who specializes in the physiology and pathology of the skin
Entomologist: A zoologist who studies insects
Midwife: A woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies
Ophthalmologist: A medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye
Ornithologist: A zoologist who studies birds
Pediatrician: A specialist in the care of babies

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Root word 'Bio'

The Greek root word bio means ‘life.’

Words Based on the Bio Root Word
Biodiversity: The existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment (जैवविविधता)
Bio fuel: Fuel made up of biological raw material like fossil fuel (जैव ईंधन)
Autobiography: An account of person’s life written by that person (आत्मकथा)
Amphibian: An animal that can live both in water as well as land (उभयचर)
Microbiology: A science that studies extremely small forms of life (सूक्ष्मजैविकी)
Biosphere: The part of earth in which life can exist (जीवमंडल)
Biopsy: Removal of living tissue from someone’s body in order to check for illness
Biogas: Fuel made by fermentation of organic matter


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Strengthen your vocabulary (Basic words)

Consensus: The general opinion (सर्वसम्मति)
Defraud: Cheat (धोखा देना)
Durable: Long lasting (टिकाऊ)
Engross: Absorb (सोख लेना)
Opaque: Slow to understand (मूर्ख)
Infectious: Affecting others (संक्रामक)

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