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One word substitution

Hater of women – Misogynist
Hater of mankind –Misanthrope
Hater of knowledge –Misologist
Hater of alcoholic drinks – Teetotaller
Hater of war –Pacifist
Hater of idol worship –Iconoclast
Hater of pomp and show –Austere
Hater of marriage – Misogamist
Hater of worldly life –Recluse

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Different types of Phobias

Nyctophobia - fear of darkness
Ochlophobia - fear of crowds
Panophobia - fear of everything in general
Photophobia - fear of strong light
Podophobia - fear of feet
Pedophobia - fear of children

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Vocabulary for Human Behavior

Philistine - संकुचित विचारवाला
Fastidious - नकचढ़ा/ नकचढ़ी
Connoisseur - पारखी/ जानकार
Antiquarian - पुरातत्ववेत्ता
Ascetic - वैरागी/ योगी
Gourmet - अच्छे खान-पान का जानकार/ पेटू

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Different types of mania

Logomania - A Mania For Talking.
Macromania - A Delusion That One’s Body Has Become Very Big.
Micromania - A Delusion That One’s Body Has Become Very Small.
Megalomania - A Morbid Delusion Of One’s Grandeur.
Nymphomania - Excessive Sexual Desire In A Female.

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Quote of the week

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
एक रचनात्मक जीवन जीने के लिए, हमें गलत होने के डर को खत्म करना होगा।

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