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Expressions with the Word TOUCH

Get in touch (with someone)
Meaning: to initiate contact with someone (किसी के संपर्क में रहना)
Example: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you all day. Where have you been?

Lose one’s touch
Meaning: to no longer have the ability to do things that one was able to do successfully in the past (पहले जैसी क्षमता ना रहना कुछ करने की)
Example: His last film flopped; he seems to be losing his touch.

Magic touch
Meaning: ability to do something excellently (जादुई स्पर्श - कोई काम करने की उत्कृष्ट क्षमता होना)
Example: He has a magic touch with decorating.

Keep in touch
Meaning: stay in contact with someone (संपर्क में रहना)
Example: I’ve always been trying to keep in touch with schoolmates.

Out of touch
Meaning: lack of information or communication (संपर्क में न रहना/ कोई जानकारी न होना)
Example: I’m out of touch with my former boss so I couldn’t tell you when she’s coming.