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Know these idioms

Hook, line and sinker
Meaning: Doing something or trying to achieve something with thoroughness and passion. (पूरी लगन और जुनून के साथ कुछ हासिल करने की कोशिश करना)
Example: I have set my mind to go through the spreadsheets by Monday and I am working for it Hook, line and sinker

Bear a grudge
Meaning: To continue to feel angry or unfriendly for someone or something because of a particular past incident. (शत्रुता रखना)
Example: I Bear a grudge against him for not taking me into confidence.

Easier said than done
Meaning: Not as easy as it appears to be. (कहना आसान है करना मुश्किल)
Example: Listen, losing weight is easier said than done, many people lack commitment.

Give it a whirl
Meaning: To give something a try. (कोशिश करना)
Example: I am absolutely terrified of skydiving, but I think once in my life, I will give it a whirl.