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Know these phrasal verbs

Drag On - (of a process or situation) continue at tedious and unnecessary length (लंबा चलना/ खसीटना)
The dispute between the two families dragged on for years.

Draw Up - prepare a plan, agreement, or other document in detail (औपचारिक दस्तावेज का निर्माण करना)
They instructed an attorney to draw up a sales agreement.

Drop Off - to start to sleep (सोना)
She kept dropping off at her desk.

Drop somebody/something off - an act of taking people, goods, mail, etc. to a place, or the place where you take them (छोड़ना)
I’ll drop you off on my way home.

Drop Off - to fall to a lower level or amount (कम होना/ गिरावट)
The demand for cell phones shows no signs of dropping off.

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