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Phrasal verbs

Hand in - submit (report, homework) (देना/ सुपुर्द करना)
All application forms must be handed in before the end of the month.
Hand out - distribute (बांटना)
Samples will be handed out at the end of the demonstration.
Hang up - end a phone conversation (फ़ोन की बातचीत को बंद कर देना)
"Don't hang up. I haven't finished yet."
Hit at - aim a blow at (किसी को मारना)
He hit at the wasp with the newspaper.
Hit back - retaliate; reply to an attack (बदला लेना)
When he was attacked by the others, the boy hit back.
Hit on/upon - find unexpectedly or by inspiration (सोचना)
She hit upon an idea for her new collection.