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Root word - neuron

Neuron एक Greek root word है जिसका मतलब होता है nerve (तन्त्रिका)

Words Based on Neuron Root Word


Neurotics : Having or suggesting neurosis

Neurosis : An emotional illness in which a person experiences strong feelings of fear and worry

Neuralgia : A sharp pain that is felt along the length of a nerve

Neuritis : Inflammation of a peripheral nerve or nerves causing pain.

Neuropathy : An abnormal state of the nervous system or nerves

Neurosurgeon : Specialist/ doctor dealing with the treatment of nervous structures ( as nerves, the brain or spinal cord)

Neurology: The scientific study of the nervous system and the diseases related to it.

Neurotoxic : Toxic to nerves or nervous tissue

Neuropathology: Branch of medicine concerned with diseases of the nervous system