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Words used to describe someone’s voice-2

hoarse -  भारी या बैठी हुई आवाज (a low rough voice, usually because throat is sore)

honeyed - मीठी आवाज़ (जिस पर आप विश्वास ना कर सकें) (sound very nice but you cannot trust the person who is speaking)

husky - भारी रूखी आवाज़ (deep and as if one has a sore throat)

low -धीमी आवाज़ जिसे सुनना भी मुश्किल हो (a low voice or sound that is quiet and difficult to hear)

monotonous - उक्ता देनेवाली, एक ही स्वर में आवाज़ (boring and unpleasant because it does not change in loudness or become higher or lower)

nasal - नाक से बोलना (speaking through nose)

orotund - ऊँची और साफ़ आवाज़ (loud and clear)

rough - कर्कश आवाज़ (not soft and is unpleasant to listen)

shrill - तेज, कानों को चुभने वाली आवाज़ (very loud, high, and unpleasant)

soft-spoken -  नीची आवाज़ से कहा हुआ (speaking or said in a quiet gentle voice)

strangled - दबी हुई आवाज़ (a strangled sound is one that someone stops before they finish making it)

toneless - आवाज़ जिसमे कोई भाव ना हो (a toneless voice does not express any emotion)

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