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Loan phrases in English

joie de vivre (ज्वा ड वीव्र)
French phrase
a feeling of great happiness and enjoyment of life (जीवन का आनन्द)
Along with him, the fun, the joie de vivre, has gone.

Déjà vu (डेश़ा व्यू)
French phrase
पुर्वानुभव/ पहले न घटित के घटने का आभास
the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now
When I met her, I had a strange feeling of déjà vu.

Bona fide (बोन फाइड)
Latin phrase
प्रामाणिक/ वास्तविक
real, not false
Make sure you are dealing with a bona fide company.

En Masse (आन मैस)
French phrase
एक साथ/ सामूहिक रूप से
all together and at the same time, in large numbers:
The store's 85 workers have resigned en masse.

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Idioms/ Phrases with 'Black'

Black Sheep: a person who has done something bad that brings embarrassment or shame to his or her family (कुल-कलंक)
Black eye: something that damages someone's or something's reputation; a bad reputation (प्रतिष्ठा को नुकसान पहुँचाना)
Black market: an illegal trade in goods or money (काला बाज़ार)
Pot calling the kettle black: a situation in which one person criticizes another for a fault the first person also has (उल्टा चोर कोतवाल को डांटे)
In black and white: in writing (लिखित रूप में)

Hublot/ Carter/ Tissot/ Chopart/ Piaget - Can you pronounce these WATCH brands names correctly?


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E.g. vs I.e.

इन दो Latin abbreviations में अक्सर confusion होता है और इन्हें गलती से एक दूसरे की place पर use कर दिया जाता है जो की बिलकुल गलत है।

'i.e.' का लैटिन में full form 'id est' होता है और इसका मतलब 'that is - अर्थात्' होता है
Only one country, i.e., Australia, has won the ICC World Cup trophy more than 4 times.

'e.g.' का full form 'exempli gratia' होता है और इसका मतलब 'for example - उदाहरणार्थ' होता है।
The Olympics is composed of a variety of sports e.g. gymnastics, swimming, and tennis

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Synonyms for competitive exams

Absolve (दोषमुक्त करना) - pardon, forgive
Accord (सहमति) - agreement, harmony
Acrimony (रूखापन) - harshness, bitterness
Adversity (विपत्ति) - misfortune, calamity
Audacity (धृष्टता) - boldness, arrogance
Barbarous (बर्बर) - uncivilized, savage
Baffle (चकरा देना) - frustrate, perplex
Brittle (नाज़ुक) - delicate, fragile

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One word substitution related to person

One who is unable to pay his debts:- Insolvent
A person who is mentally ill:- Lunatic
A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society:- Misanthrope
A person who likes or admires women:- Philogynist
A lover of mankind:- Philanthropist
A person who speaks more than one language:- Polyglot
One who lives in solitude:- Recluse
A person who is famous for her/his bad activities – Notorious

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