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Difference between Drought and Draught

Drought = (ड्राउट)  =

1) A shortage of rainfall/ lack of rain
(वर्षा की कमी, सूखा, अनावृष्टि)

2) the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
किसी भार को खींचने की क्रिया

3) a large and hurried swallow
पीने की क्रिया

4) a dose of liquid medicine

5) a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)
वायु का झोंका

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Confusing words in English

Apposite/ Opposite
Apposite = (ऐपजिट) = Proper, suitable, appropriate
(उचित, उपयुक्त, ठीक)
Opposite = (ऑपजिट) = Against, contrary, in front
(विपरीत, उल्टा, सामने)

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Website address domain abbreviation

.com = commercial/ व्यावसायिक
.edu = educational/ शिक्षात्मक
.ac = academic/ शैक्षिक
.mil = military/ सैन्य
.org = organizational/ संगठनात्मक
.gov = government/ सरकार
.info = informational /सूचनात्‍मक

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Quote of the week

अपने लक्ष्य पर दृढ़तापूर्वक कार्य करते रहना ही सफलता का एकमात्र रहस्य है।
Keep working hard on your goal is the only secret to success.


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Makar sankranti vocabulary

तिल - Sesame seeds
दही - curd
गुड़ - jaggery
चूड़ा - beaten rice
पतंग - kite
मांजा - string
पतंग की चरखी - kite spool
कटी पतंग - severed kite

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