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Add these words in your vocabulary-1

1. Overmorrow ओवरमोरौ
The day after or following tomorrow.

2. Ereyesterday एरयस्टरडे
The day before yesterday.

3. Balter बॉल्टर
Dancing clumsily without any particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.

4. Defenestrate - डि फिनेस्ट्रेट
Throwing a person or thing out of a window.

5. Nibling - निब्लिंग
The gender-neutral term for nieces or nephews

Today's quiz - Collective Nouns

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Know these important words for Competitive Exams

Castigated (Verb) : आलोचना/ बुरी तरह फटकारना (किसी को)
Meaning: reprimand (someone) severely.

Reprimand (Noun) : डांटना (किसी को बताने के लिए, आधिकारिक तौर पर, उसका व्यवहार गलत है और स्वीकार्य नहीं है)
Meaning: to tell someone, esp. officially, that his or her behavior is wrong and not acceptable

Vacillate (verb) : अस्थायी (विभिन्न मतों या कार्यों के बीच में छूट)
Meaning: waiver between different opinion or actions

Unhindered (Adjective) : निर्बाध/ रुकावट या बाधा नहीं।
Meaning: not hindered or obstructed

Dilatory (adjective) : धीमा/ कार्य करने में धीमा
Meaning: slow to act

Vocabulary सीखें root words के through. आज के video में जाने Equ root word के बारे में

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Improve your vocabulary - Group names

A band of musicians
A board of directors
A choir of singers
A class of students
A crowd of people
A gang of thieves
A pack of thieves
A panel of experts
A team of players
A troupe of dancers

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One word substitution

A place where water is collected and stored – Reservoir (जलाशय)
A place frequented for reasons of pleasure or health – Resort (आश्रय)
A place with gambling tables etc. – Casino (जुआघर)
A nursery where children of working parents are cared for while their parents are at work- Creche (शिशु सदन)
A place where plates, dishes, pots and other cooking utensils are washed up – Scullery (बरतन माँजने की जगह)

Learn few Strange and Weird words in English

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Commonly mispronounced words

1) Restaurant ˈरे᠎स्‌ट्रॉन्‍ट्‌
(not रेस्टोरेंट)

2) Hotel होˈटे᠎ल्‌
(not होटल)

3) Suite स्वीट
(not सूट)

4) Breakfast ब्रेक्फस्ट
(not ब्रेक फ़ास्ट)

5) Espresso एस्प्रेसो
(not एक्सप्रेसो)

6) Buffet ˈबुफ़े
(not बफे)

जानें Latin root word PAR में इस video से

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