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Quote of the week

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
शिक्षा किसी घड़े को भरने जैसा नहीं है, यह तो अग्नि प्रज्ज्वलित करने जैसा है।

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Know the synonyms and antonyms

Nudge (verb)
Synonyms: touch, bump (against), push (against), run into
Antonyms: discourage, pull, repress

Explicitly (Adverb)
Synonyms: specially, decidedly, surprisingly
Antonyms: normally, usually, commonly

Supersede (Verb)
Synonyms: replace, supplant, displace, oust, overthrow
Antonyms: keep, stay, accept.

Turbulence (Noun)
Synonym: Upheaval, turbulences
Antonym: Peace, Serenity, Quenching

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Important words for competitive exams

Assertions (Noun) –अभिकथन
Congregated (Verb) –एकत्रित होना
Ransacked (Verb) –तोड़फोड़ करना
Creeping (Verb) –रेंगना
Expertise (Noun) –विशेषज्ञता
Overdue (Adjective) –अतिदेय

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Parts of house in Hindi and English-2

अटारी - attic
भण्डार कक्ष - store room
गराज - garage
बागीचा - garden
आँगन - courtyard
घर के पीछे की जगह - backyard
घर के आगे की जगह - front yard
बाहरी छत - roof
भीतरी छत - ceiling
बरामदा - porch

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Parts of house in Hindi and English - 1

कमरा - room
बड़ा कमरा - hall
बैठक - living room
शयन कक्ष - bedroom
रसोई - kitchen
भोजन कक्ष - dining room
अध्ययन कक्ष - study room
तहखाना - cellar
गुसलखाना/ स्नानगृह - bathroom
अतिथि कक्ष - guest room

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