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Quote of the week

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
प्रसन्न रहना ही हमारे जीवन का उद्देश्य है।

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Antonyms for competitive exams

giant - dwarf
knowledge - ignorance
sunny - cloudy
marvelous - terrible
timid - bold
noisy - quiet
partial - complete

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Synonyms for competitive exams

Hamstrung - Cripple, debilitate
Complex - Complicated, intricate
Valor - Bravery, prowess
Shy - Bashful, timid
Concur - Agree, cooperate
Abandon - Desert, forsake
Passive - Compliant, submissive, yielding

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Phrasal verbs with "GO'-2

Go Beyond - To be more than or better than what is normal or expected.
Go By - To pass someone or something quickly.
Go Down - To move to a lower position, place, price, level, etc.
Go For - To try to obtain.
Go In - To enter a place, building, room, etc.

Go In - For To enter a place or area for a specific reason.

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Phrasal verbs wit 'GO' - 1

Go About - To take the necessary steps to get something done.
Go After - When you do your best to get something no matter how difficult it is.
Go Ahead - To proceed to do something that you were hesitant about.
Go Along - With to accept or agree with a decision, rule, opinion, etc.
Go Around - To follow a circular path.
Go Away - To move or travel from one place to another place.
Go Back - To return to a place, time, activity, or a person.

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