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British Slang

Tad- Little bit (थोड़ा सा)
Bee’s knees- Awesome (बहुत बढ़िया)
Wonky- Not right (सही नहीं)
Tosser- Idiot (बेवकूफ)
Dodge- Suspicious (संदेहजनक)

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Different types of manias

Dinomania - Mania for dancing
Melomania - Craze for music
Methomania - Morbid craving for alcohol
Oenomania - Obsession or craze for wine
Phagomania. - Excessive desire for food or eating
Phaneromania - Habit of biting one's nails

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Collective nouns

a series of events
a glossary of words/phrases
a bundle of sticks
a heap of sand
a list of names
a line of cars
a cluster of stars
a set of tools
a stack of hay
a gallery of pictures

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Know the meaning

REBOUND (Verb) : पीछे हटना
Meaning: If an action rebounds on you, it does not have the effect you hoped for but has an unpleasant effect on you instead
STODGY (adjective) : उदासीन
Meaning: Dull and uninspired; lacking originality or excitement
RELENT (verb) : तरस खाना
Meaning: to cease resistance (as to another’s arguments, demands, or control).
 LAUDABLE (adjective) : प्रशंसनीय
Meaning: (of an action, idea, or aim) deserving praise and commendation.
PRUDENCE (Noun) : सावधानी
Meaning: the quality of being prudent; cautiousness.

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Words have -algia suffix

This suffix denote pain, usually in a specified part of the body.

Mastalgia: Pain in the breast caused by congestion during lactation, or other causes.
Myalgia: Pain in a muscle or group of muscles.
Neuralgia: Intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve, especially in the head or face
Ostalgia: A pain associated with some abnormal condition in a bone.
Otalgia: Ear ache.

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