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Vocabulary for competitive exams

Adverse: Unfavorable, detrimental (प्रतिकूल/ विपरीत)
The drug has so far had no adverse effect on patients.

Blunder: A serious mistake, usually caused by not taking care or thinking (बड़ी गलती)
He said that the tax was a major political blunder.

Fabricate: to invent or produce something false in order to deceive someone (झूठी कहानी बनाना)
He was late, so he fabricated an excuse to avoid trouble.

Backfire: (of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you intended (उल्टी प्रतिक्रिया होना)
Her plans to make him jealous backfired on her .

Glimmer: to shine with a weak light or a light that is not continuous (जगमगाना)
The sky glimmered with stars.

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Know the idioms

प्रस्तुत करना - Turn in
He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall.
निगरानी करना, रक्षा करना - Watch over
The dog faithfully watched over his master's sleeping child.
धुँधला पड़ना - Wear off
This colour will wear off soon.
समय नष्ट करना - While away
Get to work. Don't while away your time in trifles.
अनदेखी करना - Wink at
I can wink at his faults no longer.


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Know about Suffix -ee

-ee. suffix noun suffix हैं। यह transitive verb से noun form करने के लिए use किया जाता है। इसका मतलब होता है - - a person who is the recipient of an action
Words based on the Suffix:
*Interviewee: A person who is interviewed
*Trainee: Someone who is being trained
*Addressee: One to whom something is addressed

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Ghastly vs Ghostly

Ghastly (adjective) - shockingly frightful or dreadful; horrible. (डरावना)
It was a ghastly sight to see the drought hit people crying out for water.

Ghostly (adjective) - characteristic of, or resembling a ghost; phantasmal; spectral (भूत-संबंधी)
At night the dark room in the hills looked ghostly and full of shadows.

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Different types of Manias

Technomania - Craze for technology
Teutomania - Obsession with Teutonic or German things
Thanatomania - Belief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness
Theatromania - Craze for going to plays
Theomania - Belief that one is a god
Timbromania - Craze for stamp collecting
Tomomania - Irrational predilection for performing surgery
Toxicomania - Morbid craving for poisons

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