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English Words That Are Actually Spanish



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Know these antonyms

Dictator (तानाशाह) - Democrat, Follower
Doleful(मातमी) - Elated, Glad, Happy, Joyful
Eloquent (सुवक्ता) - Hesitant, Meaningless, Clumsy
Facile (सुगम) - Complex, Hard, Difficult, Clumsy
Falsehood (झूठ) - Truth, Accuracy, Fact
Felicity (परमसुख) - Unhappiness, Calamity, Affliction

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Know the synonyms of these words

Contrary (विरोध) - Opposite, Adverse, Conflicting
Contemptible (घिनौना) - Pitiful, Petty, Vile, Mean
Crabby (चिड़चिड़ा) - Bad-tempered, Disagreeable, ill-natured, Irritable
Debase (मूल्य घटाना) - Degrade, Depress, Corrupt
Deceit (छल) - Fraud, Treachery, Deception
Deficient (अपूर्ण) - Wanting, Meager, Lacking

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Important vocabulary for competitive exams

motley (adjective)
consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds (बहुरंग/ मिश्रित/ रंगबिरंगा)
taxonomy (noun)
a classification of organisms based on similarities (वर्गीकरण विज्ञान)
ostentation (noun)
pretentious or showy or vulgar display (तड़क-भड़क/ दिखावा/ आडंबर)
grubby (adjective)
thickly covered with ingrained dirt (गंदा)
disingenuous (adjective)
not straightforward or candid (कपटी/ कृत्रिम)
iffy (adjective)
subject to accident or chance or change (अनिश्चित/ गड़बड़)

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Phrasal verbs

1) Back away
move away because you are afraid (डर कर पीछे हटना)
I backed away from the dog on the way.

2) Call for
to need or deserve a particular action, remark, or quality (किसी चीज की मांग या जरुरत होना)
The work calls for endurance and patience.

3) Call off
cancel an event or agreement. (रुकना या रुकने का आदेश देना)
We were studying in the class while teacher came and called us off.

4) crowd out
to push, move, or force (something or someone) out of a place or situation by filling its space (किसी वजह से लोगों को बाहर रखना)
The restaurant's regular customers are being crowded out by tourist.

5) Cry out for
to need a particular thing very much: (किसी चीज की मांग करना)
Indian youths are crying out for free and fair elections.

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