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Learn vocabulary from Ramayana

राज्याभिषेक - Coronation
राज सिंहासन - Throne
राजवंश - Dynasty
साम्राज्य - Kingdom
राजभवन - Palace
अवतार - Incarnation
राक्षस - demon
अहंकारी - Haughty
तपस्या/ साधना - Meditation
अन्तर्यामी - Omniscient
दयालु - Benevolent

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Words to use instead of said in a fearful situation


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Phrasal verbs

Rule out - eliminate
The police ruled out political motives.

Run away - escape from a place or suddenly leave
He ran away from home at the age of fourteen.

Run into - meet by accident or unexpectedly
Sheetal ran into Meera at the shopping centre.

Shop around - compare prices
It's always wise to shop around before buying anything.

Show off - brag or want to be admired
There's Devesh showing off in his new sports car!

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Collective nouns (Plants/ Plants products)

a tuft of grass
a shrubbery of shrubs
a bunch of grapes/bananas
a pod of peas
a pack of brownies
a nursery of plants
a rarity of orchids
a clone of aspen
a tassel of corn

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Vocabulary for competitive exams

Engross: Devote (oneself) fully to (तल्लीन कर लेना)
He engrosses himself fully in his work.
Fruitless: Unproductive of success (निरर्थक)
He indulged in a fruitless search for the important documents related to his work.
Inert: Unable to move or resist motion (गतिहीन)
A stone is an inert object.
Lackluster: Lacking luster or shine (फीका)
The small girl was staring with lackluster eyes.
Sanctuary: A shelter from danger or hardship (शरण स्थान/ पशुविहार)
There is a beautiful bird sanctuary on the outskirts of the city.

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