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Smart vocabulary - 1

ACRIMONY (ऐक्रमोनी) - angry and bitter feelings or words
Meaning: कटुता/ तीक्षणता

ELAN (ऐलान) - energy, style, and enthusiasm.
Meaning: उत्साह

ENNUI (आनवी/ऑनवी) - a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
Meaning: बोरियत

FIASCO (फीऐस्को) - an event that does not succeed, often in a way that causes embarrassment
Meaning: असफलता

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One word substitution

The doctor who attends to child delivery - Obstetrician
The doctor who attends to corns in the feet and hands - Chiropodist
The doctor who deals with the female reproductive system - Gynecologist
The doctor who specializes in root canal and nerve treatment - Endodontist
The doctor who straightens teeth- Orthodontist
The doctor who treats bone problems - Orthopedician
The doctor who treats eye diseases - Ophthalmologist
The doctor who treats gums -Peridontist
The doctor who treats heart problems - Cardiologist
The doctor who treats skin diseases - Dermatologist

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Different types of Phobias

Ecophobia - fear of home
Eleutherophobia - fear of freedom
Eosophobia - fear of dawn
Ergasiophobia - fear of work
Ergophobia - fear of work
Erythrophobia f- ear of red lights or of blushing
Euphobia - fear of good news

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Same word but different meaning

well (adjective) - अच्छा
penalty (noun) - जुर्माना

light-colored (adjective) - गोरा/ साफ़
honesty (adjective) - ईमानदार

crane -
a bird species (noun) - एक प्रकार का पक्षी
a vehicle for construction (noun) - भारी बोझ उठाने का यंत्र


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Animal's movement

ape (बन्दर) → swings
bear( भालू) → lumbers
bee (मधुमक्खी) → flits
beetle (झींगुर/ भौंरा) → crawls
bird (पक्षी) → flies
bull (बैल) → charges
cat (बिल्ली) → steals
cow (गाय) → wanders

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