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Silent Letter Pronunciation (Silent W)

Wrinkle: रिंग्कल/ रिंकल
Whole: होल
Wreck: रेक
Wrap: रैप
Wriggle: रिगल
Sword: सोर्ड
Wretch: रेट्च
Wrist: रिस्ट

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Know the antonyms

Accurate (सही, ठीक-ठीक) : Inaccurate (ग़लत)
Acquit (मुक्त करना) : Convict (दोषी ठहराना)
Acceptance (स्वीकृति) : Rejection (अस्वीकृति)
Armament (शस्त्रीकरण) : Disarmament (अशस्रीकरण)
Absurd (बेतुका) : Reasonable (उचित)
Ample (काफी, पर्याप्त) : Meagre (थोड़ा)
Angel (देवदूत) : Devil (शैतान)
Blessing (वरदान) : Curse (अभिशाप)

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Phrasal Verbs with Get

Get up - To wake up (उठना)
Wake up we got to go.

Get in -To enter a vehicle (किसी वाहन जैसे ट्रेन, बस, प्लेन आदि में चढ़ना, घुसना, बैठना)
The moment you called me up, I was getting (entering) the car.

Get off - To leave a vehicle (किसी वाहन से उतरना)
I got off the bus.

Get through -To pass/ To clear (पास करना /सफलता पाना)
I got through the IAS exam.

Get through - To use / To consume (खत्म करना/ उपभोग करना)
I got through 2 kgs of mangoes within 5 minutes. Can you believe it?

Get over - To recover from a bad experience (किसी बुरे अनुभव से उभरना)
It will take you a week to get over/recover this illness.

Get out - To tell someone to leave (किसी को निकलने के लिए कहना)
You get out of my house.

Get out - To become known (उजागर होना/ज्ञान में आना)
The news got out yesterday. Since then, people are being crazy to see him.

Get out - To go out to enjoy/relax (बाहर निकलना)
I love getting out with my friends.


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Synonym of Yell


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Root word Omni के बारे में जानें

Omni एक Latin root word है और इसका मतलब होता हैं 'all'. इससे बनने वाले कुछ words omnipotent.
Omnipotent - with all the power (सर्वशक्तिमान)
Omniscient - knowing all things (सर्वज्ञ)
Omnivorous - eating all foods (सर्वभक्षी)
Omnibus - comprising several items (बहुप्रयोजन)
Omnibenevolence - (with reference to a deity) perfect or unlimited goodness (सर्वहितेच्छा)
Omnipresence - the presence of God everywhere at the same time (सर्वविद्यमानता)

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