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Quote of the week

“ Mistake ”
It is like a coward, and it looks at others but does not see Itself.
“ गलती ”
एक कायर की तरह होती है औरों की तो हमे दिखती है लेकिन खुद की नही दिखती।

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One word substitution

A group of sheep - Flock
A family of young animals - Brood
A number of people travelling together in a big van or jeep - Caravan
A series of stars - Constellation
A large group of people - Horde
A temporary police force - Posse
A group of cattle or sheep - Herd
A number of fish swimming together - Shoal
A group of worshippers - Congregation

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Important synonyms for competitive exams

Calculating (मतलबी) - Canny, Devious
Calumny (बदनामी) - defamation, aspersion
Captivity (कैद) - imprisonment, confinement
Captivate (मंत्रमुग्ध होना) - Charm, fascinate
Chaste (पवित्र) - virtuous, pure
Cease (रोकना) - terminate, desist
Compassion (साहनुभूति) - kindness, sympathy
Chastise( सजा देना) - punish, admonish

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Phrasal verbs

Hand in - submit (report, homework) (देना/ सुपुर्द करना)
All application forms must be handed in before the end of the month.
Hand out - distribute (बांटना)
Samples will be handed out at the end of the demonstration.
Hang up - end a phone conversation (फ़ोन की बातचीत को बंद कर देना)
"Don't hang up. I haven't finished yet."
Hit at - aim a blow at (किसी को मारना)
He hit at the wasp with the newspaper.
Hit back - retaliate; reply to an attack (बदला लेना)
When he was attacked by the others, the boy hit back.
Hit on/upon - find unexpectedly or by inspiration (सोचना)
She hit upon an idea for her new collection.

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Pan- prefix के बारे में जानें

Pan- एक Greek Prefix हैं जिसका मतलब होता है - all, every, whole, all-inclusive
Example -
Panacea: A cure for all ills
Panarchy: Universal rule
Pancratic: Knowing all subjects
Pancreas: A large gland in vertebrates
Pandemic: Relating to all people; universal
Pandemonium: Wild uproar as if all demons were let loose
Panegyric: Exaggerated eulogy
Pangenesis: A theory that claims that heredity is a result of all cells circulating freely in the body.

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