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Quote of the week

Don’t work for money, work for success
पैसे के लिए कार्य मत करो, कार्य सफलता के लिए करो

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Amazing - Incredible, Unbelievable, Improbable, Astonishing
Anger - Enrage, Infuriate, Arouse, Nettle
Angry - Wrathful, Furious, Enraged, Indignant
Answer - Reply, Respond, Retort, Acknowledge
Ask - Question, Inquire, Query, Interrogate
Awful - Dreadful, Terrible, Abominable, Unpleasant

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Important vocabulary for competitive exams

arid - lacking sufficient water or rainfall (निर्जल/ सूखा)
asylum - a shelter from danger or hardship (शरण-स्थान)
bias - a partiality preventing objective consideration of an issue (पक्षपात)
boisterous - marked by exuberance and high spirits (प्रचण्ड)
brazen - unrestrained by convention or propriety (निर्लज)
brusque - rudely abrupt or blunt in speech or manner (अशिष्ट)

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Different types of MANIA

PYROMANIA - Obsessions to set things on fire (चीज़ों को आग लगाने की चाहत)
MEGALOMANIA - Obsession for money, name, and fame (पैसा, नाम और शौहरत की अत्यंत चाहत)
LALOMANIA - Obsession to talk a lot (ज़्यादा बोलने की लत)
KLEPTOMANIA - Obsession to steal (चोरी करने की लत)
GAMOMANIA - Obsession to marry again and again (बार बार शादी करने का जुनून)
DIPSOMANIA - Obsession or excessive drinking (शराब पीने की लत)
BIBLIOMANIA - Obsessions for books (पुस्तकों से बेहद प्यार)
ABLUTOMANIA - Obsession for washing and bathing (नहाने धोने का जुनून)

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Delegate and Relegate

Delegate (verb) - is to give or commit (duties, powers, etc) to another as agent or representative; depute (सौंप देना/ कार्यभार सौंपना/ प्रतिनिधि बनाना/ अधिकार देना)
The power delegated to him must never be misused.

Relegate (verb) - means to send or consign to an inferior position, place, or condition (अवनति करना/ अपने देश से बाहर निकाल देना/ दूर करना)
He felt humiliated on being relegated to a lower position.

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